Capabilities of Wirerope Works, Inc.

Wirerope Works, Inc. has the ability to manufacture its products in a wide range of sizes, from wire that is slightly larger than a human hair to wire rope and strand measuring over 5" in diameter. In fact, the largest wire rope ever produced in the United States — 5-3/4" diameter — was manufactured by Wirerope Works, Inc. in 1995.

Wire Drawing: .0085" to .262" diameter
Galvanizing: "A" coat and drawn galvanized wire from .050" to .250" diameter
Strander Capacity: 6" diameter structural strand
Closer Capacity: 7" diameter wire rope
End Fitting Capacity: No diameter limitation
Prestretching: Tensioning capacity of 750,000 lbs.; no length limitation
Testing: Wirerope Works, Inc. has the required equipment and experience for testing wire for tensile strength, diameter, reduction of area, torsional capability of the wire and galvanized coating weight. In our laboratory we have the capability to test for carbon and manganese, and analyze samples for steel microstructure. Wirerope Works, Inc.'s tensile testing machine has a capacity of 400,000 lbs. for testing ropes through 2" diameter; larger diameter ropes are tested in the prestretching track with a maximum load of 750,000 lbs. Through the use of outside services, Wirerope Works, Inc.'s tensile test capacity is 5,000,000 lbs. Also available in-house are Wirerope Works, Inc.'s proofloading machines where we proofload attached fittings at loads up to 1,000,000 lbs.
Shipping: Wirerope Works, Inc. is centrally located for shipments by common carrier and rail and is within 300 miles from several ports for both barge and overseas shipments.