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The Bethlehem Wire Rope® service group is the team against which all others benchmark customer service. Wirerope Works, Inc. is the leader in providing customer support through our many programs and services.


Wirerope Works, Inc. provides seminars to a wide variety of companies, groups and associations. Free of charge and conducted at a location selected by the customer, Wirerope Works, Inc. presents valuable information that focuses on extending the service life of wire rope — through handling and operation — and addresses key issues specific to a particular industry or application. Our trained representatives have conducted over 400 seminars and have helped thousands of people, and their companies, increase the value of their purchases.

Seminars are available for elevator, mining and construction/industrial applications.

Customer Support

Bethlehem Wire Rope® products are highly engineered machines, and as a result, many questions are asked, from general questions such as the rated breaking strength for a particular wire rope to more technical questions such as the amount of deflection to be expected for a particular catenary system. Occasions also arise when our help to address a particular need is required in the field. Wirerope Works, Inc. has an extensive technical support system to fulfill the needs of our customers.

Wirerope Works, Inc.'s Customer Service Department is the foundation of its in-house service team. Open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern time, our seven-member Customer Service Team is available to help with any inquiries concerning our Bethlehem Wire Rope products. In addition, our Customer Service Representatives are supported by a team of engineers who are also available to assist customers in the more technical aspects of our wire rope and strand products. After normal business hours, we're prepared to assist our customers in times of emergency. Key members of our team are on-call 24 hours per day to help our customers in any way possible.

In the field, customers are served by Regional Sales Managers, supported by Product and Field Service Managers. With over 15 years average service in the wire rope industry, each member of the Sales Team is always available to help customers better understand the products manufactured by Wirerope Works, Inc.


Literature is available for download in PDF format, on a number of Bethlehem Wire Rope products and technical topics.

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Construction and Industrial Applications

General Purpose Catalog [7.59 MB]
This catalog contains general product and technical information on a wide variety of Bethlehem Wire Rope products including the 6x7, 6x19 and 6x37 classification, rotation-resistant and specialized wire ropes, as well as handling, installation and inspection information. Products in this catalog are typically used in construction, industrial, logging and oilfield applications.

Technical Bulletin No. 1 - Domestic and Imported Wire Rope [72 KB]
This bulletin addresses marking issues as defined by United States government.

Technical Bulletin No. 2 - Rotation-resistant Wire Rope Handling & Operating Requirements [323 KB]
Rotation-resistant wire ropes are unique in design and require special handling and operating procedures, as discussed in this technical bulletin.

Elevator Applications

Elevator Catalog [1.3 MB]
Information in this publication includes product and technical information on 8x19 and 6x19 Classification, Liftpac elevator wire ropes and also covers some general information on handling and installation.

Technical Bulletin Series

The Elevator Technical Bulletin Series addresses a wide range of topics, and provides in-depth coverage of issues that directly affect both the inspection and performance of elevator wire ropes.

Technical Bulletin-9/13/13-Twist and Torque
Technical Bulletin No. 1 - Nomenclature [354 KB]
Technical Bulletin No. 2 - Lubrication [174 KB]
Technical Bulletin No. 3 - Rouging [228 KB]
Technical Bulletin No. 4 - Slippage [166 KB]
Technical Bulletin No. 5 - Stretch [609 KB]
Technical Bulletin No. 6 - Lubricant Build-up [185 KB]
Technical Bulletin No. 7 - Traction Sheave Hardness [275 KB]
Technical Bulletin No. 8 - Tensioning [295 KB]
Technical Bulletin No. 9 - Fatigue [835 KB]
Technical Bulletin No. 10 - Sheaves & Grooves [293 KB]
Technical Bulletin No. 11 - Vibration [163 KB]
Technical Bulletin No. 12 - Moisture [160 KB]

Service Bulletin Series

The Elevator Service Bulletin Series addresses the how-to's of wire rope usage and is directed specifically to field service and maintenance personnel.

Service Bulletin No. 1 - Elevator Rope Investigation, Part 1 [177 KB]
Service Bulletin No. 2 - Elevator Rope Investigation, Part 2 [168 KB]

Mining Applications

Mining Catalog [2.5 MB]
The Bethlehem Wire Rope Mining Catalog contains product information on both operating ropes and pendants. Included is product and technical information on wire rope up to 5" diameter, structural strand to 5-1/2" diameter and socket specifications.

Technical Bulletin Series

As with all Bethlehem Wire Rope technical bulletins, this series is designed to assist end users in increasing the service life of their wire rope and strand products.

Technical Bulletin No. 1 - Martensite [248 KB]
Technical Bulletin No. 2 - Sheaves and Drums [367 KB]
Technical Bulletin No. 3 - Lubrication [163 KB]
Technical Bulletin No. 4 - Dragline Rope Maintenance [186 KB]
Technical Bulletin No. 5 - Mining Rope Inspection [308 KB]
Technical Bulletin No. 6 - Operating techniques [178 KB]
Technical Bulletin No. 7 - Boom Suspension [325 KB]
Technical Bulletin No. 8 - High Wires in Dragline Hoist [187 KB]
Technical Bulletin BXL - Plastic-Infused Wire Rope [339 KB]

Structural Applications

Bethlehem Wire Rope Structural Products Catalog [2.9 MB]
Information in the Structural publication pertains to those products used for bridge and roof suspension, anchoring offshore platforms, and the like. The product and technical information focuses on structural galvanized wire rope and strand related end fitting.